Monday, 21 November 2011

7 Days 7 styles - Day 7 Final Style.

Hey De'vaz

Last day of my personal hair Challenge and to be honest I have no final hair style to show for it.

Since my hair is still fresh from my wash and blow dry and GHD on saturday, I just didn't wanna over manipulate my hair by combing it out. As well as I just couldn't be bothered. AS WELL as I loved the way my hair looked so much for the party I wanted to show it off to my friends.

I undid the pin curled bun re-moisturised and sealed it, and re-pin curled it. I even re-added my new hair piece chain.

I hosted my friend Nats baby shower along with my bezzie Nads. This outfit and style was just for you Natty.
Love Ya Bitch!

 Smooched De'vazzzzzzz

7 Days 7 styles - Day 5 and 6

I'm Back for Fridays 18th and Saturday 19th Blog.

Sooooooo (I always start like that dont I!. Right lets switch it up).

Hey guys (oh now thats boring.... Right not to self, work on entrance)

Fidays wasnt really a hair style day but a wash day. However since I air dryed, blowdried and straightened out my hair for mu mum-in-laws 50th birthday, I have picks of the finished result.

From Thursday night I put my Deep Conditioner on so I could Sleep and Treat my hair and get an even DEEPER Condition.

My Deep Conditioner consisted of 

These DC's are quite cheap but they work quite well especially when you make a hair cocktail with them. I mixed this DC with:
-2 tablespoons of Coconut Milk
-2 tablespoons of pure Honey
-2 tablespoons of my oil mix which consists of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil.

I left this on for a little over 12 hours (not something I always do) and my hair felt great when I rinsed it out.

After this process, I did a quick Apple Cider Vinager rinse left that on for 5 mins then rinsed again with cool water.

I know this sould like a lengthy process but it really isn't. It a standard for me.

One the washing process was complete I put my leave-in conditioner in Curls Souffle, and twisted the 4 sections, put a pin in each of the 4 twist, satin headscarf on it, put my hat on and went about my business. All before 12 in the afternoon.

Since I was out for the rest of the day and didnt get back in until after midnight I waited till saturday morning to blowdry and straighten my hair, which was great because by this time my hair was nearly dry.

Over all my hair turned out really nice and silky, i'm very pleased with my results and will defo be sticking to this regime for now.

I didnt wear my hair down for my mum-in-law 50th bday party but these are the results after my blowdry and GHD.

My Trim

I trimmed my hair also and took quite a bit off

I wore my hair in a High bun, Pin the hair over an imaginary sock bun. The hair piece is put together out of an old chain i took apart. Loved this look it looked so elegant.

And I really love this outfit. This dress is from Zara summer collection. I have a pink tu tu underneath and I teamed it with my old but new (bought about 5 years age but hardly worn and in great condition), Gold Dune Shoes and Gold accessories.

Thanks for reading

Smooches De'vazzzzzzzz

7 Days 7 styles - Day 4

(Post for Thursday 17th Nov)

Hey Guys

Sorry I have been unable to write these blogs over the last few days but its been a crazy busy few days and I'm not complaining because I thrive on being busy.

So I'm going to quickly bash out Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Great, soooooooo on Thursday I went VV Brown on there arses.

I did a Pin up type fringe and bunned the hair at the back. To hid any messiness (NEW GROWTH LOL) I used a trusty head scarf.

Side View

I slicked the sides down by using a little Edge Control by Organic Root Stimulator. This Stuff is amazing and you really don't even need to use a lot. Its sold in a small pot but it will last you ages.

Back View

I used a sock bun (that I made) and put this section up in a bun. I love a good old trusty Bun for those 'I cant be bothered day'.
Top View

The front pin roll was rolled under and creates the Illusion of a fringe. (A massive fringe).
Don't know what View to call this maybe CHIN, LIPS AND NOSE View. Jheeeze.

My nose looks massive boy.

Overall this is a quick easy style to pull of. Great if you wanna jazz up a boring bun.

Smooches De'vas...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

7 Days 7 styles - Day 3

Hey My Sexy De'vaz

So day 3 of my hair style.

I swear the other mums at the school are looking at me like I have WAYYYY to much time in the morning, or it may be like 'who the hell does she think she is'. Well no matter what the case at least they are looking I say! C an I get an AMEN!

Sooooooo I think I'll call this My Pin Curl FoHawk!

Now I love the MoHawk. Even shaved one in to my sons hair when he was about 3. (He's so cute). And as u know I love vintage and pin curls and stuff like that, bla bla bla. So why not combine the 2 together and wolla.

Now I've seen a lot of Natural Sista on youtube (love youtube for hair advice. Well anything actually). And as I'm not all natural yet and can't do a natural Fohawk I'll do the next best thing.

Please let me know your thought and leave comments and suggestions.

Shooches De'vaz

Please note this is prior morning makeup and you can even still see my head scarf mark. SHAMMMMMEEEE!

So i did this style by making 3 individual pony tails in the back and then from each pony tail pin curled one section above and the other below. So I ended up with 6 rolls at the back. Then with the front 'quiff' section, I made 2 pin curls rolling back.

Im so sorry if my examples don't make sense but i hope the pics help. 

Unfortunitly the bottom one came undone. Boo

Top view with head scarf. 

Side View. Omg my regrowth look, ummmmm LARGE.

Dont think this will be one of my key styles, But i will defo try a different version of the Fohawk.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

7 Days 7 styles - Day 2

Quick post

I'm Literately writing this with 15 mins to spare before I have to get Kay from school, while bopping to some old school in the back ground.... woop woop.

Okay soooooooo, following on from the Vintage theme (Loves Itttttttttt!) i did a similar style to yesterday but i made it a lot neater and smaller at the back and Much HUGER at the front.

I done two pin curls in the front and secured them with some grips. 

And I love this head scarf. Its one of my Hair Candy Creations and i feel its very fitting for the vintage style.

The Back has a grip slid in it and is secured with so grips.

I really Love this style as it really helps disguise my 7 month post relaxed hair.

If you decide to try any of these styles I'd love to see em.

See You Tomo with a new Style. 


Monday, 14 November 2011

7 days 7 styles


I know i've been missing for a good few minutes or months, whatever, but im back and strong and healthy just like my hair. 

Was it India Irie that had that song 'I am my Hair'??????

Anyway if you missed me soz boz, But I'm sure no one did as i only have 3 followers. (Sad times)

Well while I was away I had an epiphany (hope thats the right word). And I have decided to Go Natural. Ummmmm Hummmmm yep thats what i said Jai. Natural. No more straightening and burning of the scalp for my hair.

To help me on this natural hair journey I have employed the use of protective styles that will help me grow out my relaxer until I decide to cut off the straight ends.

So as of this day I am nearly 7 months post relaxer and must say rocking 2 textures is not the easiest of tasks, but I love me a challenge so it don't phase me nun.

Todays Protective Style 

Now for anyone who knows me will know I love me some vintage and thats what inspired todays look.

See you tomorrow for tomorrows look.

Smooches De'vas..

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I Beat the Spots... Blabbering

Okay... So apologies (especially to Nads) for being m.i.a for a few weeks, but i been sorting a few things out.

Soooooo, in one of my previous blogs I talked my issue with the spots the decided to resident on my face and i'm happy to report back that they have cleared up and even the marks are fading nicely. I'm Uber excited but not yet confident enough to post a before and after pic of my skin without makeup. Give me a few more weeks.

Okay so the question is now 'How did I do it...' 

Funny you should ask that and to be honest I'm not totally sure. I was using so much stuff at that point that it could have been any thing. LOL.

But I defo feel that my Aspirin and Honey concoction defo helped. The Aspirin help to dry out the spots and reduce redness and the honey helped to smooth and put some moisture into my skin.

And I also feel that the antibiotics help clear up the issue. HOWEVER.... Them bloody Antibiotics f'ed up my hair. (MAD, ANGRY FACE)

Now my hair is a big issue to me, Its my crowning glory, My Halo, My Rock... ETC... and for some 6 week course of tablets to try and come between the two of us, i'm not happy. 

They made my hair thin and dull and limp so now i'm on a Hair Journey to get my hair back to its healthy state of soft, shiny, fullness. I'll keep you'll informed on how that goes.

Okay then guys i'm out. Apoligies for my blabbering...


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I LOVE Rihanna

I dont even care if i sound like a lessy right about now cuz this girl is FIZZINE.

And her Make up in this video looks great on her but then what doesn't at the moment.

I mean when she first started, its like she just stepped off the boat and straight into the studio about, 'YO MR DJ, TURN DA MUSIC UP'... I was more like 'YO MISS RIHANNA, CHANGE UR STYLIST UP'... LOL (laughing at my own jokes...phahaha...)

Eventyally She did (and cut her hair) and I must say since then I was in loveeeeeee. With her style of course. Well at least i think with her style, I dont even know anymore....

I mean even just this outfit here I love. The only place i think i could wear it is to a fancy dress party but its making me wanna get my ass down to Hobby Craft and purchase some Organza and make that exact outfit, hahahaha. Fuck i'll wear it doing the house work if i look that hot in it. 

But anyway Rihanna I salute you. And no matter what anyone what to say about your demonic videos, you can do no wrong for me right now.

Cant wait to see whats next. Maybe Green hair????? (hummmmm maybe not.)

Nuff Love...DivaDoll...

Monday, 28 February 2011

The battle of the spots

Hey gals and guys,

2nd Blog. Woop woop.

So today I wanna discuss my issues with spot. Well I never actually had an issue until about June last year when the contraceptive implant I got put in 3 months before in March decided to kick in. 

Om (to the motherf%*king) g. What a joke... 

Now look, I don't wanna stop anyone who is considering getting it as I know a few people who have been fine so do what you please with that little bit of info. However my sexy, silky skin couldn't cope with such amounts of progestogen (however you spell that female hormone, and if that's whats in it anyway).

Okay so now I've had this implant thing in for about 11 months and my skin looks like a flipping dot to dot gone wrong.

Basically I'm gonna let you lot see some of the shit I've been using on my face...

I swear that is not even all of it. Some random things there init.

The Salt is good for killing the bacteria and drying the spot (I heard).
The Cleanser tea, well that's self explanatory.
I got retin-a in there, tooth paste, the pill, anti-biotic. 

Oh gosh its a joke init??? 

I've spent loads of money and time on combating this problem and what I see the only solution to be is to remove the contraceptive implant...

However I just want to share with you my most effective SPOT COMBATTER...


This Concoction has been truly amazing.

All you got to do is crumble a few (about 3) Aspirins by adding a little water, them add a dash of honey and mix together and vwola, you've got your very own home made scrub.

However if you have a particular little fucker you want to get rid of put it directly on that one and leave it over night...

In the morning it totally gone down... 

I know, I know hold your applause. 

I've spent 8 months (expensive) months trying to combat this acne issue and hopefully it will go once i take this foreign body out of me, but fabulousness = ££££.

Now I'm left to combat the issue with the scars its left behind. LOL... Its never ending.

Laters Mwah
Nuff Love... DivaDoll...

Sunday, 27 February 2011

1st Post. Woop woop

Hey Gals and Guys. (no discriminating)

This is my first ever post. I have no Followers as of yet so I guess I am really only writing to myself (loner). Well I got a lot to say and I guess it stops me from having conversations in my head (WIERDDDDD).

Anyway I have worked in the beauty industry for a while now and I LOVEEEEEE makeup and beauty products. Not to mention fashion (but honestly who doesn't). Oh gosh and dont even let me get started on Hair care products...

This is not a cheap addiction. Got serious issues...But then Fabulousness = £££££

So Basically I'm gonna blog my life away and have a celebratory party when I get 100 followers.

I'm gonna blog on some of my fave products, new and or old. But probably more old as they can get forgotten when some of the new and not necessarily improved products come out.

Nuff Love DivaDoll