Monday, 28 February 2011

The battle of the spots

Hey gals and guys,

2nd Blog. Woop woop.

So today I wanna discuss my issues with spot. Well I never actually had an issue until about June last year when the contraceptive implant I got put in 3 months before in March decided to kick in. 

Om (to the motherf%*king) g. What a joke... 

Now look, I don't wanna stop anyone who is considering getting it as I know a few people who have been fine so do what you please with that little bit of info. However my sexy, silky skin couldn't cope with such amounts of progestogen (however you spell that female hormone, and if that's whats in it anyway).

Okay so now I've had this implant thing in for about 11 months and my skin looks like a flipping dot to dot gone wrong.

Basically I'm gonna let you lot see some of the shit I've been using on my face...

I swear that is not even all of it. Some random things there init.

The Salt is good for killing the bacteria and drying the spot (I heard).
The Cleanser tea, well that's self explanatory.
I got retin-a in there, tooth paste, the pill, anti-biotic. 

Oh gosh its a joke init??? 

I've spent loads of money and time on combating this problem and what I see the only solution to be is to remove the contraceptive implant...

However I just want to share with you my most effective SPOT COMBATTER...


This Concoction has been truly amazing.

All you got to do is crumble a few (about 3) Aspirins by adding a little water, them add a dash of honey and mix together and vwola, you've got your very own home made scrub.

However if you have a particular little fucker you want to get rid of put it directly on that one and leave it over night...

In the morning it totally gone down... 

I know, I know hold your applause. 

I've spent 8 months (expensive) months trying to combat this acne issue and hopefully it will go once i take this foreign body out of me, but fabulousness = ££££.

Now I'm left to combat the issue with the scars its left behind. LOL... Its never ending.

Laters Mwah
Nuff Love... DivaDoll...

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