Wednesday, 16 November 2011

7 Days 7 styles - Day 3

Hey My Sexy De'vaz

So day 3 of my hair style.

I swear the other mums at the school are looking at me like I have WAYYYY to much time in the morning, or it may be like 'who the hell does she think she is'. Well no matter what the case at least they are looking I say! C an I get an AMEN!

Sooooooo I think I'll call this My Pin Curl FoHawk!

Now I love the MoHawk. Even shaved one in to my sons hair when he was about 3. (He's so cute). And as u know I love vintage and pin curls and stuff like that, bla bla bla. So why not combine the 2 together and wolla.

Now I've seen a lot of Natural Sista on youtube (love youtube for hair advice. Well anything actually). And as I'm not all natural yet and can't do a natural Fohawk I'll do the next best thing.

Please let me know your thought and leave comments and suggestions.

Shooches De'vaz

Please note this is prior morning makeup and you can even still see my head scarf mark. SHAMMMMMEEEE!

So i did this style by making 3 individual pony tails in the back and then from each pony tail pin curled one section above and the other below. So I ended up with 6 rolls at the back. Then with the front 'quiff' section, I made 2 pin curls rolling back.

Im so sorry if my examples don't make sense but i hope the pics help. 

Unfortunitly the bottom one came undone. Boo

Top view with head scarf. 

Side View. Omg my regrowth look, ummmmm LARGE.

Dont think this will be one of my key styles, But i will defo try a different version of the Fohawk.


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