Thursday, 5 May 2011

I Beat the Spots... Blabbering

Okay... So apologies (especially to Nads) for being m.i.a for a few weeks, but i been sorting a few things out.

Soooooo, in one of my previous blogs I talked my issue with the spots the decided to resident on my face and i'm happy to report back that they have cleared up and even the marks are fading nicely. I'm Uber excited but not yet confident enough to post a before and after pic of my skin without makeup. Give me a few more weeks.

Okay so the question is now 'How did I do it...' 

Funny you should ask that and to be honest I'm not totally sure. I was using so much stuff at that point that it could have been any thing. LOL.

But I defo feel that my Aspirin and Honey concoction defo helped. The Aspirin help to dry out the spots and reduce redness and the honey helped to smooth and put some moisture into my skin.

And I also feel that the antibiotics help clear up the issue. HOWEVER.... Them bloody Antibiotics f'ed up my hair. (MAD, ANGRY FACE)

Now my hair is a big issue to me, Its my crowning glory, My Halo, My Rock... ETC... and for some 6 week course of tablets to try and come between the two of us, i'm not happy. 

They made my hair thin and dull and limp so now i'm on a Hair Journey to get my hair back to its healthy state of soft, shiny, fullness. I'll keep you'll informed on how that goes.

Okay then guys i'm out. Apoligies for my blabbering...


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