Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I LOVE Rihanna

I dont even care if i sound like a lessy right about now cuz this girl is FIZZINE.

And her Make up in this video looks great on her but then what doesn't at the moment.

I mean when she first started, its like she just stepped off the boat and straight into the studio about, 'YO MR DJ, TURN DA MUSIC UP'... I was more like 'YO MISS RIHANNA, CHANGE UR STYLIST UP'... LOL (laughing at my own jokes...phahaha...)

Eventyally She did (and cut her hair) and I must say since then I was in loveeeeeee. With her style of course. Well at least i think with her style, I dont even know anymore....

I mean even just this outfit here I love. The only place i think i could wear it is to a fancy dress party but its making me wanna get my ass down to Hobby Craft and purchase some Organza and make that exact outfit, hahahaha. Fuck i'll wear it doing the house work if i look that hot in it. 

But anyway Rihanna I salute you. And no matter what anyone what to say about your demonic videos, you can do no wrong for me right now.

Cant wait to see whats next. Maybe Green hair????? (hummmmm maybe not.)

Nuff Love...DivaDoll...

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