Monday, 21 November 2011

7 Days 7 styles - Day 4

(Post for Thursday 17th Nov)

Hey Guys

Sorry I have been unable to write these blogs over the last few days but its been a crazy busy few days and I'm not complaining because I thrive on being busy.

So I'm going to quickly bash out Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Great, soooooooo on Thursday I went VV Brown on there arses.

I did a Pin up type fringe and bunned the hair at the back. To hid any messiness (NEW GROWTH LOL) I used a trusty head scarf.

Side View

I slicked the sides down by using a little Edge Control by Organic Root Stimulator. This Stuff is amazing and you really don't even need to use a lot. Its sold in a small pot but it will last you ages.

Back View

I used a sock bun (that I made) and put this section up in a bun. I love a good old trusty Bun for those 'I cant be bothered day'.
Top View

The front pin roll was rolled under and creates the Illusion of a fringe. (A massive fringe).
Don't know what View to call this maybe CHIN, LIPS AND NOSE View. Jheeeze.

My nose looks massive boy.

Overall this is a quick easy style to pull of. Great if you wanna jazz up a boring bun.

Smooches De'vas...

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