Tuesday, 15 November 2011

7 Days 7 styles - Day 2

Quick post

I'm Literately writing this with 15 mins to spare before I have to get Kay from school, while bopping to some old school in the back ground.... woop woop.

Okay soooooooo, following on from the Vintage theme (Loves Itttttttttt!) i did a similar style to yesterday but i made it a lot neater and smaller at the back and Much HUGER at the front.

I done two pin curls in the front and secured them with some grips. 

And I love this head scarf. Its one of my Hair Candy Creations and i feel its very fitting for the vintage style.

The Back has a grip slid in it and is secured with so grips.

I really Love this style as it really helps disguise my 7 month post relaxed hair.

If you decide to try any of these styles I'd love to see em.

See You Tomo with a new Style. 


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