Monday, 14 November 2011

7 days 7 styles


I know i've been missing for a good few minutes or months, whatever, but im back and strong and healthy just like my hair. 

Was it India Irie that had that song 'I am my Hair'??????

Anyway if you missed me soz boz, But I'm sure no one did as i only have 3 followers. (Sad times)

Well while I was away I had an epiphany (hope thats the right word). And I have decided to Go Natural. Ummmmm Hummmmm yep thats what i said Jai. Natural. No more straightening and burning of the scalp for my hair.

To help me on this natural hair journey I have employed the use of protective styles that will help me grow out my relaxer until I decide to cut off the straight ends.

So as of this day I am nearly 7 months post relaxer and must say rocking 2 textures is not the easiest of tasks, but I love me a challenge so it don't phase me nun.

Todays Protective Style 

Now for anyone who knows me will know I love me some vintage and thats what inspired todays look.

See you tomorrow for tomorrows look.

Smooches De'vas..

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