Sunday, 27 February 2011

1st Post. Woop woop

Hey Gals and Guys. (no discriminating)

This is my first ever post. I have no Followers as of yet so I guess I am really only writing to myself (loner). Well I got a lot to say and I guess it stops me from having conversations in my head (WIERDDDDD).

Anyway I have worked in the beauty industry for a while now and I LOVEEEEEE makeup and beauty products. Not to mention fashion (but honestly who doesn't). Oh gosh and dont even let me get started on Hair care products...

This is not a cheap addiction. Got serious issues...But then Fabulousness = £££££

So Basically I'm gonna blog my life away and have a celebratory party when I get 100 followers.

I'm gonna blog on some of my fave products, new and or old. But probably more old as they can get forgotten when some of the new and not necessarily improved products come out.

Nuff Love DivaDoll

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